Thursday, January 8, 2009

Window Shopping in Paris

Wednesday was the day Parisian bargain hunters were waiting for - the beginning of the winter sales. Sales in France are state-regulated and are held twice a year in summer and winter. In these bad economic times, French merchants are campaigning for more freedom to decide for themselves when to discount their merchandise.  For now, however, the regulated sales remain a tradition. Clothing is the big seller with 13 percent of all the clothing sales made during the winter sale period, more than during the period before Christmas.  

Since most of you can't be here for the sales, I decided to do some after dark window shopping and photographing so that all of you could take part in les soldes de Paris. Hope you enjoy them.


To view enlarged photos online, click here

Geraldine Calisti Kaylor


  1. I love the men’s pair of shoes! The small square toes are really cool. The shoes would go well with the men’s hats you included. The hats remind me of my late teen and early 20’s days growing up in Detroit when we wore those “stingy brim” hats with our silk and mohair suits and Italian knit sweaters along with our pointy toes Stacy Adams shoes.

  2. I love your blog. Concerning the latest entry, I think I'll take the gold watch and the red stockings.

  3. Could you pic up that cute pink and yellow sweater set for me and I think M would be a trend setter in the oddly shaped shoes.

  4. grazie per i tuoi blog!

    An interesting concept, that of limiting sales.

  6. I was just on your window shopping in Paris, is really cool, I like a lot the photographs you chose..


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